• Personalization
    Ultrawise can handle any special project for we have more than 15 years of card personalization experience . Whether it’s a membership card, a loyalty card, a gift card or an fundraising card, we have the technology and proven methodology to complete any personalization task even unusual ones on time and on budget. Ultrawise pay much attention throughout the complex card personalization process, ensuring that you receive high-quality work at the best possible value. Additionally, our automated QC system catches potential issues before they occur, eliminating time-consuming errors and costly reprints.

Thermal Printing

The thermal printing process results in a flat printed finish on the card. Text, bar codes and small graphics can be printed on to the card surface. A number of standard colors are available, for special projects we can even supply you with specifically formulated colors to match your card design.

thermal flat number

Tipping & Embossing

The embossing process punches characters through the back of the card, which results in a raised finish on the front. Alphanumerical characters can be embossed on to a card, and the raised characters can then be tipped in a number of colors including black,silver or gold.


Magnetic Stripe Encoding

The magnetic stripe on the back of the card can be encoded according to ISO standards, which can be read by a suitable card reader. Vigor can encode this information on to the card, at high speed, during the personalization processes.

magnetic stripe card

Spot UV

You can choose to highlight a particular area (or areas) of a card, by applying a silkscreen UV coating. Please note: For this print option, the area that you wish to highlight must be in vector format.


Foil Stamping

Foil stamping, typically a commercial print process, uses heat and metallic film to produce a shiny design. It is often gold or silver, but can also be various patterns or colors. Foil stamping can be done on a frosted or gloss finish, but please note that we cannot do foiling on a matte finish. Foil stamping adds a unique touch that can bring out your name or logo, and adds an eye catching shine to your card. Please note: For this print option, the area that you wish to highlight must be in vector format.

gold foil staming

Scratch Off Panel & PIN Number

Scratch offs are applied to prevent seeing what is underneath the scratch off, such as a pin number or special code. When you scratch off the material, you will be able to see what is printed underneath without scratching the code or worrying about the code fading. In most cases we can customize the size of the scratch off to meet your needs. This is a popular solution for gift and phone cards.


Signature Panel

This is an area in which allows you to be able to write on the cards with a regular pen. Without a signature panel, you would have to use a permanent marker and risk the chance of the ink smearing. Adding a signature panel to your card also gives you the added feature of being able to add information on the card at a later time. This could be an expiration date, member’s name, date the member joined, card dollar value, or anything else that might be relevant to your business.



Each card will be shrink packed in a opp bag to protect it from scratches and spots.

opp bag

Glossy Finish

glossy laminated

Matte Finish

matt finishing