UCF-RL170 It’s a high performance, lower price 125 KHZ RFID reader, reader distance up to 10cm, widely used for RFID Radio Frequency Identification system and project, such as Automated parking management system, Personal identification, Access controller, Production Access control, etc

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Available Model

Model Output Byte output format interface surface color support
UCF-RL171 4 8 digit Hex USB white EM card
UCF-RL172 4 10 digit Dec USB white EM card
UCF-RL173 5 10 digit Hex USB white EM card
CF-RL174 3 8 digit Dec USB white EM card
UCF-RL175 4 18 digit Dec USB white EM card

Output format description

UCF-RL171: output ID card unique code, format is Hex

UCF-RL172: output ID card unique code, format is Dec

UCF-RL173: output ID card version code,+ customer code +ID code, format is Hex

UCF-RL174: output ID card last three bytes, format is WG26

UCF-RL175: output ID card surface 18 digit dec digital


Name 125KHz ID Reader
Dimension 74*19*6mm
Reader colour white
Support Uem4100,TK4100.SMC4001 and compatible card
Frequency 125KHz
Reader time <0.5s
Baud Rate 9600
Power Supply +5V DC
Consumed Current 70mA
Operating Distance 0~10cm
Interface USB
Status Indication 1pc LED
Service Temperature -10℃ ~ +70℃
Store Temperature -20℃ ~ +80℃


  1. Connect with computer through USB interface directly
  2. Open Notepad or a word document
  3. The mouse in Notepad or WORD document clicking
  4. Put card on the top of reader.
  5. Notepad or word documents will output of the ID card number
  6. When Reading one card, LED lights with red into the green