The machine adopts PLC Industrial automation for easy operation and high precision. It adopts PID automatic tuning technique to track and control temperature dynamically and keep uniform temperature.International standard cylinders are adopted and four cylinders eject for balance pressure. Main structure is processed by casting workmanship without deformation for long service life.

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This machine is equipped with automatic oil return and automatic pressure make-up.Automatic and manual pressure release devices are both designed for more humanized  operation.Photoelectric switches are adopted to realize zero pressure laminating and multi-pressure control which can reduce chip rejection rate effectively. It can be equipped with slippers and tilt table for easy material transferring and material feeding.

  • Imported PLC industrial automation system for easy operation & high precision;
  • Powerful PLC software with fault alarm & fault recording functions,more humane;
  • International HROA difunctional standard cylinders , four cylinders eject together for more balance pressure.
  • Equipped with automatic high pressure oil return, meanwhile automatic pressure relief, manual pressure relief devices are designed for more humanized operation;
  • Photoelectric switches are adopted to realize zero pressure lamination and multilevel pressure
    control, which reduces chip rejection rate effectively ;
  • Imported aluminum alloy is adopted for fast heating of hot tower & non-rusty cold tower ;
  • Bold guide columns & thickening beams for greater stability of the machines.
  • Suitable for RFID cards, contact & contactless smart cards, Bank dual interface cards,etc.


Model                                            UWL–FA7500-S  Laminator
Screen size                                     Imported 10.4 inch color screen
Controlling method                       PLC
Cooling method                            Water cycling cooling
Heating method                            Electric heating
Temperature range                      (0-200)℃
Temperature precision                 士2(℃)
Feeding method                           Hand-feeding /Auto-feeding
Heating plate material                  Imported aluminum alloy/good quality steel plate
Laminating plate thickness           50mm
Opening thickness                        60mm
Laminating plate size                    600mm×750mm
Max.laminating size                      550mm×700mm
Laminating daylight                      Four
Voltage                                           380V 50HZ /35KW
Dimension                                     2700×800×1850mm
G.W.                                               4000 KGS
Productivity                                   12000cards/hour