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UWL-HSA-3C/4CAutomatic Punching Machine adopts PLC industrial automation controlling, this automated technology can realize automatic feeding. High-quality servomotor and high precision ball screw as well as linear guide are adopted. High sensitivity photoelectric recognition device reads the position marks for precise and reliable positioning.

The mould is made by imported mould steel. The power adopts high power servomotor as the power source in order for strong punching capacity and adjustable speed. The advanced card conveyer structure and alternate feeding and discharging functions of double servo screws realize fast speed and high efficiency.

The card collecting uses three separate card boxes and the scrap material border is automatically piled up and collected by manipulator. This machine has a real time monitoring of repeated cards and output cards detection.If anything unusual happens, the machine will stop automatically and give an alarm with fast speed and accurate positioning. The whole process is monitored by sensor for convenient production,safety and reliability, automatic feeding,automatic card separation, automatic card separation and scrap material collection function for labor cost saving and high efficiency.


  • Using friendly PLC industrial automation controlling system with self diagnostic prompts and modem interface facility
  • Fully automated material feeding,automated sensor mark positioning, automated punching, automated skeleton off-take.
  • 3 axes in-line automatic registration to printed sensor marks
  • High quality servo motor and high precision ball screws as well as high sensitivity photoelectric recognition device to make sure highest punching precision
  • High power servo motor as the power source for strong punching capacity
  • Punching speed is adjustable
  • Advanced card conveyor structure , automated feeding & output functions realize fast speed & high efficiency
  • If anything unusual happens, the machine will stop automatically and give an alarm with fast speed and accurate


Suitable for                              PVC、ABS、PET、PETG、paper card、mixed material of PVC and ABS ,etc.
Layout                                     3X8 / 4X8
Controlling Method                 PLC
Punching Power                     Servo system
Punching Precision                 ±0.10mm
Card Collecting Method           Three / four rows of card collecting boxes
Productivity                              16000-24000 pcs/hour
Card Standard                          ISO CR-80-ISO7810 International Standard
Air Source                                6 kg / c㎡
Air Consumption                     150L/min
Power                                       AC 380V/50 HZ 5.5kw
Operator                                  1 person
Dimension                               3000×1240×1750mm
Weight                                     1.8T