This laminator is designed with energy saving devices which can save customer 20% energy comparing with similar products. All its electric parts are imported (Schneider & Omron Brand ) to make sure good lamiantion effect.

Powerful PLC software with fault alarm & fault recording functions , more humane;

For this machine, customer can also match slippers & tilt style for easy mateiral transfeering and material feeding.

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  • Imported PLC industrial automation system for easy operation & high precision;
  • Powerful PLC software with fault alarm & fault recording functions,more humane;
  • International HROA difunctional standard cylinders , four cylinders eject together for more balance pressure.
  • Equipped with automatic high pressure oil return, meanwhile automatic pressure relief, manual pressure relief devices are designed for more humanized operation;
  • Photoelectric switches are adopted to realize zero pressure lamination and multilevel pressure control, which reduce chip rejection rate effectively ;
  • Imported aluminum alloy is adopted for fast heating of hot tower & non-rusty cold tower ;
  • Bold guide columns & thickening beams for greater stability of the machines.
  • Heating tower adopts energy-saving automatic door for saving energy effectively ;
  • Workshop doesn’t need to be isolated ;
  • Designed with seven daylights, increasing 20% card productivity more than laminator with daylights & achieving faster heating speed and better quality.


Model                                                  UWL-AT5200 Energy Saving Laminator
Cooling Method                                 Water Cooling
Heating Method                                 Electric Heating
Pressure Stages                                   Heating 12 stages/cooling 5 stages
Pressure Precision                              士0.1 MPa
Temperature Precision                       0-200℃    士1(℃)
Laminating Plate Smoothness           士0.05mm
Laminating Plate                                Aluminum Alloy
Hydraulic Cylinder                              1 or 4 for each tower
Pressure                                              0-16Mpa
Laminating Platen Size                      420mm×520mm
Opening                                              7
Opening Space                                  50mm
Laminating Plate thickness                45mm
Electric                                                380V ,50/60HZ, 26 KW
Dimension                                          L2300mm×W630mm×H1800mm
Weight                                               2,600 KGS
Output                                                around 8,000 cards/hour