UCF-RH330 series desktop readers are smart modules without touching based on international standard agreement ISO14443A, ISO14443B and ISO15693. UCF-RH330 are equipped with high capability chip, processor, security and electric monitor. The reader can communicate with PC through USB/RS232 interface. UCF-RH330 are of high capability, anti-jamming, small size and good quality, which brings more convenience.

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Available Model

Model Standard interface color
UCF-RH331 IS014443A U(USB)/R(RS232) B(black)/W(white)
UCF-RH332 IS014443A/B U(USB)/R(RS232) B(black)/W(white)
UCF-RH333 ISO15693 U(USB)/R(RS232) B(black)/W(white)
CF-RH334 ISO/IEC14443A/B,ISO15693 U(USB)/R(RS232) B(black)/W(white)


Name HF Reader&Write
Dimension 110x80x25mm
Standard ISO14443A/B,ISO15693 optional
Support MIFARE® Classic 1K; MIFARE® Classic 4K
;MIFARE® UltraLight; Mifare Pro; AT88RF020;66CL160S;SR176; SRIX4K(TYPE-B); I-Code2; TI RFid Tag-it,EM4135,EM4034 etc.
Frequency 13.56MHz
Speed 106kbit/s
Baud Rate 9600-115200 bit/s
Power Supply +5V DC
Consumed Current < 80mA
Operating Distance 50–70mm
Interface RS232;USB
Status Indication 1pcs LED;1pcd buzzer
Service Temperature -10℃ ~ +70℃
Store Temperature -20℃ ~ +80℃


Widely used in access control, attendance, conference attendance, medical insurance, hotels, highways, petrol stations, parking, public transportation, such as toll collection system.