Former cards making (laminating) has the drawbacks of high investment cost and complicated process, which sublimating the high cost. No-laminating technology has totally worked out the above problems. It is quick, convenient, easy to operate, allowing small batch production. The material can be printed clear, the color can be accurately restored, the stick relay of it is strong, making the cards beautiful and crisp. It is easy to fade for Ink-jet printing design after a long time placement. Generally fade for 50% after six months, outdoor use is more serious. This is mainly because that the ink and substrate have a bad ability in ultraviolet adsorption. For some strict certificates, half a year’s lifetime is far from enough. In view of this, we develop the PVC anti-fade print materials, guarantee 5-10 years’ time of not fading. In addition, it also has the general characteristics of inkjet printing PVC material.

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Material composition:0.15transparent printing material+0.46core material+0.15Transparent printing material
Thickness of final card(mm):0.76


Used for small batch production of membership card, employee’s card, VIP card and so on

    • Print the image and the text on the “printing material”,then wait it to be completely dry.
    • Strip off the protective film on the two sides of the core material. Put the printing side of the printing material to the two sides of the core material. Laminate the three layers together in the roll laminator, at the temperature 120-160 ℃.
    • Using the punching machine to punch out the final cards, after trim the laminated material. Finally,rip out the protective film on the surface.


Printing material:2×50pieces/bag
Core material:1×50pieces/bag