Ultrawise offers a comprehensive solution for mail fulfillment services. We assist multi-national, regional, and small business clients by improving their time to market, identifying logistical efficiency.

  • What is fulfillment ?

    Unlike tradition business practice that seller dispatch goods firstly to buyer, buyer send goods to end customers. Fulfillment service is that seller (e.g. Ultrawise) directly ship your order to your end customers. You didn’t handle shipping once production complete. If your customer needs the order very urgent, you can try our fulfillment service. It increase the opportunity for you to obtain more potential orders and make money.

  • Will you contact my end customer ?

    Absolutely not ! Ultrawise’s fulfillment service means safe, secure and efficient for your business. Actually, for any fulfillment orders, the carton, the boxes and the labels on boxes are special treated. No word about Ultrawise will left at all. Thus, your buyer can’t find any information about us but think it is sent by you. Moreover, Ultrawise treats every buyer friend and hope to establish long term business relationship with you, we promise we’ll never contact your end customers in any case.