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Suitable for producing various types of smart cards, bank cards; billboards; various kinds of pearly-lustre panels , such as cloth panels, fabric panels, decorations, acrylic fabric board, PVC cloth panels,etc.; digital plates; leopard plates; floral plates ; pure-color plates.

The new generation laminator achieves much more functions with automatic transfer materials, time and labor saving, safe and standard production , enterprise maximize benefit,etc. This laminator adopts the newest automatic transferring technology, which makes material transferring more easily and safely, also saves worker labor intensity efficiently.

It is suitable for making all kinds of contactless, contact smart cards,bank cards and dual-interface cards; be widely used in laminating various kinds of digital plates or accessions plates, such as
celluloids ,pvcboards, furniture plates and absorbing materials,gold leaves,etc.


  • This machine breaks with traditional designs and realizes automatic material transfer instead of manual transfer, achieving safe and high efficiency working.
  • PLC industrial automation control system & touch-screen display are imported, convenient for operation;
  • With its powerful functions, the software can save several lamination parameters automatically.
  • Trouble alarm and record functions make the machine more humanized. 
  • Both heating and cooling tower are made of aluminum alloy, realizing fast heating & cooling functions with non-rusty. The luxury energy saving model with whole sealing design for heating insulation saves energy.
  • The machine with 5 working daylights has 20% higher efficiency compared to similar products.
  • With automatic frequency conversion function, high quality imported VFD matched with variable fluid technique, the precision up to ±0.01Mpa
  • With automatic pusher type patented technology, materials can be transferred easily and automatically.
  • With special laminated trays


Model                                                  UWL-AT7500 Auto Transfer Laminator
Cooling Method                                  Water Cooling
Heating Method                                 Electric Heating
Pressure Stages                                 Heating 12 stages/cooling 5 stages
Pressure Precision                              士0.1 MPa
Temperature Precision                       0-200℃    士1(℃)
Laminating Plate Smoothness            士0.05mm
Laminating Plate                                Aluminum Alloy
Hydraulic Cylinder                              Four

Pressure                                             0-16Mpa
Laminating Platen Size                        600mm×750mm
Opening                                               5

Opening Space                                    50mm
Laminating Plate thickness               45mm
Electric                                               380V ,50/60HZ, 35 KW
Dimension                                          L2850mm×W1030mm×H1900mm
Neight Weight                                    4,500 KGS
Output                                                upto 15,000 cards/hour