PET crystal photo paper is a special image inkjet output material, which utilized the mirror effect of PET material. It has the features of accurate color restoration, high sharpness, clean and bright, waterproof, weatherproof, strong ability of UV protection, green and environmental protection.

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Thickness(mm):0.125 transparent printing material+back glue layer


50sets/bag, 20bags/box, neutral packing or band packing


Application: Photo, photo albums, recipes, rendering, signs, indoor advertising,plastic card, etc

How to use.

  • Print the image and the text on the “printing material”.
  • Separate the “printing layer”and the“back glue layer”with hands. Turnover the printing layer(means the side with image faces inward),
  • Tear the adhesive layer, after that you can stick the image-texts/photos on the base materials/photo albums/recipes. That’s all right to use them together.


  • The “bottom”is the surface, which is also the “PVC adhesive sticker”and the “adhesive backing paper”. When manual stripping the “printing layer”and the “bottom layer”, “PVC adhesive layer”may separate from the “bottom layer”sometimes. After laminating, this situation will automatically disappear.
  • According to the applications, you can also reserve the “adhesive backing paper”.