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Heating tower Auto Feeding System

  • Auto-feeding materials, trays with laminated materials be conveyed to cooling tower automatically.
  • Feeding device goes up and down, automatic feeding and discharging transmission.
  • For convenient machine maintenance, feeding transmission system can be chosen to semi-automatic operation method.

Heating System

  • Electric heating, hot pressure 0-16Mpa, pressure precision ±0.1Mpa
  • Operation temperature can be adjusted in the range of 0-200 ℃, temperature precision ±2℃
  • Thermal platens flatness:0.05mm, parallelism: 0.05mm
  • Each opening can work independently

Cooling System

  • Pressure range:0-16Mpa, pressure precision:±0.1Mpa, can be adjusted in the range.
  • Cooling platens flatness:0.05mm, parallelism: 0.05mm
  • Platens adopt stainless steel and aluminum materials to avoid any rustiness.

Auto unloading System

  • To receive the trays with materials from cooling tower automatically.
  • Lifting platform conveys trays with materials from discharge shelf to roller transmission belt.
  • Discharge shelf is on the right of the cooling tower, each opening is equipped with cross-feed convey roller for conveying.

Auto convey system

  • Roller transmission belt is used for conveying of trays with non-laminated or laminated materials
  • Lay and take out material System
  • Convenient for taking out the materials manually.
  • Suitable for different size of steel plates and laminating materials.
  • Tilt table makes it easier for worker to lay the materials onto the trays.

PLC control system,data management system

  • English and Chinese operation menu with strong power of data management, including
  • pressure,temperature,time and production data.
  • Function of setting production parameters, temperature,pressure and time every cycle
  • Failure detection function,alarm and show the error place.
  • Display the working status of each unit.


  • Designed specially for the production of conventional plastic cards, contact cards, contactless cards,RFID cards, etc.
  • Fully integrated and automated system
  • Metal Clad platens to avoid the platens out of shape during heating
  • Fully automatic material transferring process via shift fork system under servo motor control
  • Precise temperature uniformity across the heating tower during material heating phase of the lamination cycle of ±2℃ due to the efficient transfer of thermal fluid heat energy
  • Precise pressure uniformity of ±0.1 MPa
  • Innovative hydraulic accumulator system allows the constant pressure without separate operation of the hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic system is utilized only during press closing and pressure rising for less noise and wear
  • Using friendly PLC touch screen system with self diagnostic prompts and modem interface facility
  • Automatic platen re-alignment process during every lamination cycle
  • 4 cylinder, twin pump hydraulic facility for both hot tower and cold tower


Model                                              UWL-Smartlam7500 Full-Auto Laminator

Cooling     Method                          Water Cooling

Heating Method                             Electric Heating

Pressure Stages                               Heating 12 stages/cooling 5 stages

Pressure Precision                          士0.1 MPa

TemperaturePrecision                    0-200℃    士2(℃)

Laminating PlateSmoothness       士0.05mm

Laminating Plate                            AluminumAlloy

Hydraulic Cylinder                          4for each tower

Pressure                                          0-16Mpa

Laminating PlateSize                     600mm×750mm

Opening                                           8

Opening Space                               60mm

Laminating Platethickness             48mm

Electric                                            380V ,50/60HZ, 100 KW

Dimension                                       L4,900* W 3,670* H2500mm

Weight                                             8,000 KGS

Output                                             18000 cards/hour